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This week on Spoke TV, Premier Kathleen Wynne was in Guelph following an announcement of 25 per cent reductions on their hydro bills, but our reporter discovers not everyone thinks the reductions are realistic. Also, a rally was held in support of an autistic boy wanting to use a guide dog at school.  We discover how an event at Kitchener City Hall was marking International Women’s Day. Our reporter tells the story of a student’s struggle with cancer. We visit the “We Are Waterloo Portrait Project,” which aims to showcase the city’s diverse culture. Also, we meet a man striving to help the homeless one meal at a time. We also bring you news on Conestoga’s Open House, the progress on the bid for Canada’s 2021 Summer Games, and a review of the film Logan. For more information, visit

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Spoke TV is produced weekly during the school year by Conestoga College second-year Journalism Broadcast students, faculty adviser Rachelle Cooper and new media technologist Chris Martin. read more