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This week on Spoke TV, we go to Kitchener City Hall to join the vigil for lives lost in Quebec shooting. We also take a look at how refugees are settling into new lives in Canada. Then, our reporter investigates the possibility of the norovirus outbreak at the Conestoga Cambridge campus. We figure out why a local boy has been growing his hair for over a year and a half. Our reporters catch up with local construction, taking a look at the Cambridge hospital, Conestoga Waterloo campus, Cambridge Multiplex and just how long it will take for the 401 expansion. Female business owners are on the rise in the comic industry, and we sit down to talk about all things Superbowl, from the game to the advertisements. To find out more, follow @SpokeTV for updates.

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Spoke TV is produced weekly during the school year by Conestoga College second-year Journalism Broadcast students, faculty adviser Rachelle Cooper and new media technologist Chris Martin. read more