This Week's Episode

This week on Spoke TV, a new subdivision in East Kitchener on Lackner Boulevard means a lot of upcoming changes for local residents. Also, our reporters look into the debate surrounding the location of the future Cambridge sports multiplex. We take a look at the trend to cut cable for popular streaming networks, such as Netflix. In health, we visit a Canadian company that uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help heal complex wounds. We also explore the decade old Canada Food Guide to determine if there are possible links to our obesity rates. Our reporter visits Gina’s Closet to find out how unneeded dresses are benefitting the community. In entertainment, we check out Proms for Pups and the “In the Dark” exhibit at the Waterloo Region Museum. In sports, Peter Scott gives his predictions for the year’s NHL Playoffs and we meet a local shotput national title holder.

About Spoke TV

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