This Week's Episode

On this week’s episode of Spoke TV, St. Patrick’s Day can be the biggest party of the year, but instead of starting in the evening, we learned why it’s lasting from dawn to dusk, to dawn again. Also, we take a look at the creative ways people are collecting massive amounts of food for those in need. Find out about how some kids are being sent home from school for not being vaccinated. We also dive into how the region is coping with the number of ambulances available is not keeping up with the population, which isn’t good considering one roundabout in Cambridge off Highway 401 is seeing an increase in collisions. We also take a look at how coaches and players manage to balance being both in the school and athlete life. We ask them how they plan to achieve this. With exam season looming, we take a look at how Conestoga College is helping to ease the pressure. For the avid reader, learn about the pop-up libraries that have been appearing in the region. We also share the story of undiscovered musical talent that can be found in anyone. For those who feel like they skip too many songs on their phone, we looked into how some artists in the region are looking to branch out. For the film lover, find out whether the Lego Batman Movie lives up to the hype. All that, on this episode on Spoke TV.

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