Spoke TV Episode 13


This week on Spoke TV, we take a look at the unveiling of the ION transit and what the future holds for the project. Also, Guelph Transit is getting money to improve its transportations services. Reporters also went to the Clothesline Project where the event is trying to break down the stigma of abuse against women. Later in the show, we talk about homelessness in the region and how one man is bringing attention to the issue. For some, crossing the border is not the end of the issue. Many are still fighting to be a part of Canadian society. We also take a look at some damaged history and how people are going to put it back together. Be ready to be swept off your feet when one reporter takes an in-depth work at what it takes to make brooms. Lastly, our anchor sits down to discuss the latest in sports. For more information, follow us on Twitter at @spoketv or find all stories at SpokeTV.ca.