Spoke TV s6 ep3


This week on Spoke TV, Waterloo residents can expect 60 per cent water and sewage hikes over the next 10 years. Also, there are laws prohibiting students from smoking within nine meters of a designated door; but are students obeying these laws? We look into the public electric car chargers for the City of Kitchener that are in the works. It would mean more charging stations in downtown Kitchener for electric car owners. On campus, Student Success Services is extending the mental health hours due to the extended semester. In entertainment, a local band volunteers its time to put on concerts every year with the Luther Village on the Park. They practice to put on a Christmas show for their local residents. And, the cold weather and snow is upon us and public skating rinks are now open. The skating rinks will be open throughout the day for public use.

Mental health can have a big impact on a community. The Jacob Ranton Memorial Basketball Tournament took place over the weekend bringing awareness to mental health. It included local basketball teams from around the city. We also bring you highlights of last Wednesday’s KW Titans against the St. John Edge basketball game, which was their fourth game of the season. Finally, the second annual Hanukkah lighting ceremony took place this past weekend in Guelph. The Mayor of Guelph, Cam Guthrie, was at the event.