Spoke TV S6 ep4


This week on Spoke TV, the Ontario government has made prescription drugs available free for any Ontario resident under the age of 25. We look into how those eligible can go about getting the drugs they need. The Ontario college faculty strike was rough on students and faculty alike, we talk to students and Conestoga College President John Tibbits about the fallout. S.A.D (seasonal affected disorder) is a form of depression that is related to changes in the season, we look into a spot that provides light therapy for those who are suffering from the disorder. Do we really need technology to remain social in this day and age? A local café doesn’t seem to think so. We visit a local coffee shop that gives itself a “Cheers-like” atmosphere. Blackberry was the supporting pillar in the Waterloo Region’s tech hub for many years, but the end is near for their phone apps. We look into what might be the final blow for the once-powerful technology corporation. And, getting in-shape is a common New Year’s resolution among many, but how likely are people to stick to their goals? We dive into why people don’t follow through with their new gym-going ways. And, up-and-coming queer comics take the stage in a showcase produced by Queer and Present Danger.